April 10, 2022

Review of Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food: Grow Your Plants in the Blink of an Eye USA 2023

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Review of Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food: Grow Your Plants in the Blink of an Eye

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Are you wowed by the look of having a few indoor plants in your apartment? These are some of the first few items of home decor we have the habit of buying when you move in under a new roof for the first time.



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Garden Safe HG-93194 TakeRoot Rooting Hormone

Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes, 12 Spikes/Pack.

According to the Asian books of cosmic architecture like Feng Shui of the Chinese scriptures and Vastu Shastra of the Hindu scriptures placing dense foliage is a must. It gives a lot of positive energy to each and every brick on the wall. They are also known to deliver the best results in terms of air quality.


Hence having a proper growth needs to be prioritized. Now bringing enough soil and sunlight into the room is not possible. So, for the sake of your convenience adding a little bit of miracle gro succulent plant food will be enough to keep the plants healthy and the soil nutritious.

Just by putting these spikes inside the soil, you will supplement the vital nutrients. They will give the right proportion of sulfur, magnesium and phosphate. Make sure to replace them after every two months during the months of spring and summer to get a perfect balance of these nutrients. Miracle gro succulent plant food comes in different quantities so replacing them with a new one is not that big a deal.

Key Features

Brand: Miracle Gro

Item Weight: 0.15 pounds

Target Species: Indoor Plants

Color: Blue

Quantity of Spikes: 16 pieces

Expiry Period: 2 Months

What Makes Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food the Best Supplement for Indoor Plants?

Using the Fertilizer is Simple

plant food

Among all the other fertilizers in the world, using this one is considered by many to be the easiest. This has been one of the easiest because you have to insert the sticks inside the soil. With the waters drizzling on the dry soil these sticks will be disintegrating into the soil all by itself.

Thus letting all the necessary nutrients get mixed into the soil content. With all of those nutritional content getting mixed into the soil you can see the magic of these valuable ingredients work its way into the system of all our indoor plants. So, finding the best of all the lush greenery placed inside our home.

Last for a Long Time


The miracle gro succulent plant food has the ability to last as long as two months. This is why buying a simple pack of these amazing supplementary products will be enough to last for more than a year at most. The only factor you need to bring under your consideration is to give the proper amount of water at least twice a day.

All of that is going to come together in breaking down the components into several micro particles. It is because of this reason all the nutrients get properly dissolved into all the layers of the soil.

Works Well With Potted Plants

This can be either considered as a pro or as a con. But considering this factor as a pro is going to make your plant stay healthy and active for a long period of time. The factors depend a lot on the size of these miracle gro succulent plant foods.


Putting a few of them in a pot whose diameter is not more than 60 inches is going to be enough in giving the plants a lot of vital nutrients. You can even consider putting them in the soil of your garden. Just make sure to have a lot of them as the soil in your garden is a lot bigger than the one we see in our pot.

Lots of Micronutrients

The load of micronutrients we need to give to the soils under our potted plants is important to several degrees. The nutritional content of these soils under our indoor plants are not enough to last for the lifetime of these dense foliage.

Once we give water once in the morning and once in the evening all the vital components of nutrition get sucked into the system of our plants. It is the only reason why you need to give more and more of these micro gro all purpose plant food. These supplement spikes will replace all those one time loss of that vital content.

Simplicity in Using


These miracle gro all purpose plant foods are so simple to use that no pain in the back is going to block your other weekly chores. Yes it is just that simple to use these supplement sticks. There is not a single moment that is going to make you feel the need of a spade used to dig the soil.

It is because of this reason where you don’t need to use any heavy or light gardening equipment this task becomes simple in every way possible. You are going to need only a small tool to make a hole into the soil. Since the thick consistency is hard to break by these sticks of mineral supplements. Such a high level of simplicity in gardening was never achieved before.

Limitless Growth of the Plants


The growth of these plants are limitless once you start using these indoor plant foods of miracle gro. These supplement sticks are made of these vital nutrients that get assimilated into the soil once it comes with the contact of water. Giving the right amount will increase the vitality of these indoor plants to get a brighter glow on a daily basis.

Though you are not going to get an aura of green flame around the plants, the trees will look considerably better and a lot more healthy than they were before. Thus by doing so you are going to get a plant that has strong roots and trees giving out fresh oxygen everytime we take a breath.

Works on all the Indoor Plants

The indoor plant food of miracle gro has the capability of working on all kinds of indoor plants. Each and every plant that we grow inside our sweet home faces this kind of trouble. The problem of not having enough nutrients. It is because of this reason giving the plants a proper source of organic nutrients is going to be a need of the hour.

But finding different sources will be a task that even the true lovers of nature will consider as a problem. So what is the golden key in order to come out of this mess?

The prime solution is to get a pack of miracle gro! All the plants growing indoors and considered to be plants of zero standing will get an ideal growth all through the year.

List of Pros and Cons for Using Miracle Gro Soil Nutrient Supplements

The list has a distinct difference between the pros and cons of using these miracle gro liquid plant foods. We will learn a little about the list in this article.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in Sizes
  • Easy to Use
  • High Nutritional Value
  • Accepted by all Soil Type
  • Pocket-Sized Equipment to Dig


  • Replacing after 2 Months
  • Case Packs are Expensive

Bottom Line

In order to bring an end to the conclusion you have to make a proper schedule to use them as a source of soil nutrients. These nutrients are not to be taken lightly by the gardener for a lot of reasons. Using an overdose of the nutrients sticks or drops will make the soil toxic. It is because adding artificial fertilizers in the soil instead of our natural ones will fire back at the plants. In such cases more bad is going to happen in place of doing something good. So, use your miracle gro succulent plant food carefully!

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